C core DC Filter Choke 1.6H 320mA 56 Ohm

0.40H 640mA 14 Ohm

Code LC54002/036
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Hi End C core DC Filter Choke
Working voltage 1000V
C core Grain Oriented tikness 0.08mm
Settable series/parallel for duble Inductance values
Series: 1.6Henry 320mA 56 Ohm
Parallel: 0.4Henry 640mA 14 Ohm
- Construction technique and materials used in the MIL-Avionics field
- High reliability
- Working temperature -55 / +155°C
- Very suitable for filtering in tube power supplies for preamplifiers.
- low dispersed magnetics flows
- Cast in epoxy resin, no vibration

Dimensions and schematic: see picture
Weight: 440 gr