Output Transf. 6.6k-43%-8-9k/4-8-16 Ohm

RADIOSPARE Delux 45W per JTM45 (verde)

Code PP-EI96014CV-V
Price 95.700 EUR/PZ
(including VAT 22%)
Net price 95.700 EUR/PZ
(including VAT 22%)
Availability 6 PZ
Marshall JTM45 de luxe Output Transformer

Power: 45W
Input: 6.6-8.0/9.0kOhm with UL tape
UL tape: 43% on 6.6kOhm/39% on 8kOhm/36.6% on 9kOhm
Output: 4-8-16 Ohm
Grain oriented core
Primary inductence in 9kOhm: 120H
Leakage inductance: 25mH
Total primary resistance: 185 ohm unbalanced 2%

Dimensions and schematic: see picture
Weight: 2310 g.